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In the late spring of 1992, DAR members Agnes Van Orden, Mary Lou Chianese, Jean Katz, Claire Pellarin, and Beverleigh Schlieben met to organize a new Pennsylvania chapter. Along with Elizabeth Carfagno, Roselyn Doverspike, Beverlee Felkner, Rachel Kemble, Nancy LaRocca, Marion O’Neill, Diane Orr, Edith Orr, Jean Torongo, Marjorie Torongo, and Marilyn Watson; they are known as the organizing and charter members.

On August 29, 1992, organizing officers were installed by the state organizing secretary and 12 of the 16 organizing and charter members signed a “report to organize.” Organizing officers were Agnes Van Orden, Regent; Mary Lou Chianese, Vice Regent; Beverleigh Schlieben, Chaplain; Jean Torongo, Recording Secretary; Beverlee Felkner, Corresponding Secretary; Marjorie Torongo, Treasurer; Elizabeth Carfagno, Registrar. Beverleigh Schlieben also served as Parliamentarian.

David Library

In keeping with the bylaws of the National Society, three names were submitted for consideration: Washington Crossing, Bowman Hill, and Samuel Merrick. On October 7, 1992, the National Board of Management confirmed the new chapter as Washington Crossing Chapter of Yardley, Pennsylvania, making it the 146th chapter formed in the state of Pennsylvania.

The chapter's first home was at the Historic David Library in Washington Crossing, PA. 

20th anniversary cake
30th Anniversary Holiday Luncheon

20th Anniversary

The 10th anniversary was celebrated at the home of Mary Lou Chianese on October 12, 2002. The chapter had about 40 members at that time. When the chapter celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 20, 2012, the membership had grown to 124.

30th Anniversary

With great pride, the chapter celebrated its 30th anniversary in October 2022. Our membership has grown to over 200 women who demonstrate a desire to make a difference in their community and a proven record of dedicated service to the objectives of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

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